Power Lacing?

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  • 01-10-2005
    Power Lacing?
    I'm wondering if there's a knockoff power lacing system out there. Something like BOA or Salomon's Power Lace system. There's gotta be a better tool out there than this ...
    http://www.daddiesboardshop.com/brow...Tightener.html :rolleyes:


    BTW - don't these look nice?
    http://www.burton.com/burton/gear/pr...p?productID=59 :cool:
  • 01-10-2005
    I know a trick that might help. You can use the laces to crank down the tension. Instead of just crossing over the laces and then passing through/across the eyelets, what you do is this: Pull tight, then wrap the left around the right lace and fasten to one eyelet, then pull the free lace until it wrenches down, then lock it down in the open eyelet. Repeat this for the remaining upper eyelets. It sounds more difficult than it is, but basically, you're using the lace like a pulley. Hopefully this helps with lacing tension problems.