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11-01-2004, 05:01 PM
maybe someone outta start a few political threads to light a fire under this forum. anyhows, i'm bored so i'm gonna post pics of a few fish i caught over the summer. i'll also write something about some of the cool places i visited. and maybe a bit about books i've read. and my dog too.

a small brookie i caught on the yampa downstream from the tailwaters near sarvice creek.

i have no idea what this fish is? white sucker? anyhow, it hit a dry midge and ended up being about 12 or so inches long.

was told there was some decent fishing on the bear river, but the first day i tried it snowed and sleeted. the next time there was 8 inches of snow on the ground and i didn't have much luck. i did see some fish rising in one of those bends, but rain, spooky fish, and no flow made it kinda tough.

east portal of the gunnison river. i was out of my league here. deep, fast water with no room to backcast near the bank. plus, i wasn't yet introduced to nymphing. nice scenery, tho.

a rainbow caught on the same bend as the brookie above and the 'i dunno' fish. either off a dry olive midge or a subsurface emerger.

wind sucks.

mad creek above where it hits elk river north of steamboat.

blue river (i think) outside of silverthorne.

taylor river outside almont. where i learned to dry nymph.

yampa river downstream of the tailwaters. i miss that place.

brookie from the north fork elk river. one of my funnest days on fishing. my toes were frozen, but stalking up the river -- that was sometimes fast and up to my crotch -- casting into every nook, cranny, and pool for brookies, then working the deep pools for bigger fish. copper john red size 18 with a yellow stimulator up top.

11-01-2004, 05:09 PM
when i got into steamboat, i got a library card and read, a river runs through it and other stories. good stuff. then i started listening to some townes van zandt and it felt right. i didn't get to watch the movie until i left steamboat three months later and it pales compared to the book.

right now i'm working on, the longest silence. it's been good so far but of a different era where life isn't simple like when maclean was a kid. i've also read parts of various other books which i can't remember. i sacked my friend's bookshelf when i crashed there for a week.

and here's the dog:


a good pup. well, except when i took him down to the north fork gunnison and he splashed around like a, um, puppy. doh.

i don't suppose i'll see fishing like i did in colorado until i go back to colorado. someday...

12-24-2004, 11:15 AM
Those are some nice pix you posted, I have not been out west in the wilderness since '78.
Thanks for posting them.

tom b
01-03-2005, 01:19 PM
Yup, Toonces them are some nice pictures. Brian how the heck are ya? Well I hope. Been fishing a lot lately and if winter is less harsh than those in recent past i'm gonna fish Pa. waters more. I thought you were in Eastern Pa? I'm still here in Jersey.

Tom b

weird how this place stays open when it gets so little traffic.............