View Full Version : Worm Sex

04-21-2009, 12:54 PM
Because there is no regular fishing thread available, I'm going to take a stab and post in here.

I am NOT a fly fisherperson...kinda like bass fishing...too much work. I am a happy camper sitting on the bank of a lake...tackle box to the left of me...beer cooler to the right...worms close at hand.

The last few times I have been fishing, I have noticed an increase in the price of worms. Being the genius I am, I figured I can raise my own. Two trips ago, I saved my leftover worms...got a plastic tub...added dirt...water...pine needles...corn meal...egg shells...coffee grounds...and tossed in the worms. My last fishing trip, I accumulated a few more worms and added them to the tub.

Now my question is...how'm I doin? Will these suckers live? Will I have my own steady supply of worms? Does any body know? Does any body care? Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated. One thingie of worms that I dont have to buy equals one six pack of liquid refreshment...always a bonus!