View Full Version : Anyone fishing?

Dennis E.
03-12-2004, 12:58 PM
Just wondering if anyone has been fishing lately. Here in Northern California, the heavy rains have given way to warm, sunny weather. In some of the valley rivers, steelhead are being caught. Yesterday, I hooked, landed, and a released a healthy 24" buck on the Lower American.

Sunday, if I can get away from the family, I'll be looking at the Lower Yuba which has been having some healthy mayfly hatches.

So... are you guys getting some time to fish?


03-12-2004, 02:21 PM
Fished a Central Oregon Reservoir for rainbow trout last Saturday. The fishing was great, the catching was mighty slow. The five of us landed six fish total, two of them were good sized, this one was 10# plus, we also got one over #11.

How the heck do I post a PIC here?