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01-07-2008, 05:09 AM
I was at the Moosehead Focus group meeting on Thursday. . We meet to discus ways to improve the Fishing and health of the fish in Moosehead Lake. The fisheries biologists did some trap netting on the tributaries on Chesuncook Lake. Tagged all the spawning brook trout and released them. They had radio tags implanted. I don't remember all the stats but I do remember that 39 males were tagged and 29 died after they spawned. 8 hens were caught by fishermen, 2 were killed by fishermen. Of the 29 males that did die, some tags were found in the woods (Otters?). These 29 died from the time they spawned till December 1 of that same season/year. The biologists believe they were too stressed to make it back to the lake. Those that did make it back had a much better survival rate.