View Full Version : Polarpak Products Redesigned

03-30-2007, 07:50 AM
Iím proud to introduce the redesigned Polarpak gel cooled, all new MOFLOW pressurized reservoir, and Flowjo pressuried waistpack.

The Polarpak reservoirs have a new PEVA film that is a rich translucent blue and extremely durable. The gel has been better contained and performs much better than the old style. There is no comparison with the performance. The quick release coupler has been redesigned and relocated to the face of the bag and the bite valve is all new and antimicrobial

The all new MOFLOW reservoir is 100% antimicrobial and easily pressurized with a hand pump bulb. Simply disconnect the bite valve from the quick release coupler and connect the pump bulb. Pump up the reservoir (while itís full of liquid), disconnect the pump and reconnect the bite valve. Itís that easy to fully pressurize your system and takes less than 30 seconds. The MOFLOW is truly one of a kind and I guarantee you will never go back to a traditional reservoir after using this system.

The Flowjo waistpack is great for running and our athletes are saying itís one of the best on the market and the pressurization makes a huge difference.

Jeff Skillern